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Inversion Images

  I spend a great amount of time processing photographic images with image editing software. Occasionally I inadvertently click at a spot on the screen that results in text or images being unintentionally highlighted, and the foreground and background colors become instantly transformed. Black portions of the images become white, and white portions become black. Blue becomes yellow, and green turns to pink or magenta.This special effect is called "color inversion".  It is similar to examining photographic color negatives to determine what the subjects look like.

Figure 1.  Color inversion of a winter sunset.

     In Figure 1, the two images are more or less recognizable: a wintery landscape below dramatic skies. For pictures of plants, the inverted subject may be more mysterious, unless the particular plants shown are common, familiar plants.

Figure 2.  Color inversion of an image of bittersweet nightshade  (Solanum dulcamara).


                         Figure 3.  Color conversion key for color inversions.


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